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Our Brand, EFFINGO; presents you Yoga Mats having Dotted embossing style of large size (72inch long X24inch wide) which ensure comfort to men and women of all shapes & sizes with a variety of Colors and Thickness from 3MM to 8MM (starting from 3mm having thin thickness which gradually increases with the increase in sizes or thickness moving from 3mm to 8mm yoga mats) to practise Yoga, Exercises, Meditation and Fitness activities on daily basis. We make our yoga mats using high quality 100%

natural EVA material (Ethylene-vinyl acetate which is an elastomeric polymer) having unique properties which is Eco-friendly too in nature. This material provides YOGA MAT rubber-like softness, Stress-Crack resistance and smooth texture to protect your body (specially spine, hips, knees, elbows, etc) from hard floors or ground while doing yoga or exercise. Our yoga mat has adhesive water-resistant properties which makes it easy to clean as it is hand-washable, and also can get clean using cloth. It has Slip-resistant (Anti-skid) surface which provide grip to prevent injuries and provides stability & balance during exercise or yoga workout. Our mat including strap makes it Portable (so, you don't need to miss your workout and can be easily carried) and Durable providing long-lasting material.

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